Osram 600w Nav-T (Son T Plus)



The 600w Osram Son-T-Plus HPS Lamps have a lumen output of 90000 all of which is in the orange/red spectrum, making them ideal for flowering plants.Osram is a highly trusted brand name with a proven track record of producing consistently high quality, reliable horticultural lamps, the 600w Osram Son-T-Plus Lamp is an excellent addition to any grow room, designed specifically for flowering use it also boasts a slightly longer lifespan than other HPS lamps.The 600w Osram Son-T-Plus HPS Lamps provide the highest lumen output of all high-pressure discharge lamps, 150 lumens per watt making them incredibly efficient.Horticultural lamp light output will decrease with use. We recommend that growers replace lamps at regular intervals to maintain optimum yields. Note – As soon as lamps are switched on they will run extremely hot.Before handling, lamps should be turned off, the ballast disconnected and allowed to cool down. All high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular care should be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.Additional information:Precise directional lightClear tubular NAV lamps enable light to be directed with great precision. For new street light installation, this means that mast spacing can be greater. This applies in particular to NAV-T Super 4Y lamps with their extremely high luminous efficacy. Potential savings are considerable thanks to the four-year maintenance cycle.Product benefits:Up to 25 % longer lifeSame luminous flux as standard NAV lampsBetter luminous flux maintenanceEffective reduction in early failuresThe same color properties and applications as standard NAV lampsFull power and ultra-long lifecycleVIALOX high-pressure sodium lamps provide the highest luminous efficacy of all high-pressure discharge lamps – as much as 150 lumens per watt.They are the most economical light sources in general lighting that enable the human eye to distinguish between colors. OSRAM has developed the largest range of high-pressure sodium lamps. They are available in three complete VIALOX NAV families:NAV with high reliability and economyNAV 4Y with extremely high reliability and economyNAV SUPER 4Y with outstanding luminous efficacy and extremely high reliabilityNAV 4Y − technology that takes us into the third millennium:With the new OSRAM VIALOX NAV 4Y lamps it is possible to replace groups of high-pressure sodium lamps in street lighting every four years.Innovative discharge vessel design, high-performance ceramics, shock absorbers and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes such as laser welding are all combined to produce virtually perfect “long-distance runners”.Longer maintenance intervals and a reduction in premature failures add up to considerable savings in relamping costs. The best performance is achieved by VIALOX NAV SUPER 4Y lamps.The luminous flux of the lamp is up to 20 % higher than that of conventionalhigh-pressure sodium lamps. New and upgraded lighting systems can be operated most economically with VIALOX NAV SUPER 4Y lamps.


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